AnyDesk Plans

The versa­tility of AnyDesk makes your daily routine easy. Whether you are at home or at the office. Our flexible product plans will get you the features you want for a price you'll love:

  • Free:

    AnyDesk is free for the occasional private use. Take the oppor­tuni­ty to use "AnyDesk Free" to con­vince your­self of AnyDesk's superior performance! There are no hidden fees or obli­gations. Downloading AnyDesk will get you started.

  • Lite:

    "AnyDesk Lite" offers all necessary features for small busi­nesses. There are no usage limitations and the license can be extended to multiple seats for a small fee.

  • Professional:

    Ideal for mid-sized companies, "AnyDesk Professional" provides extended features for integration and administration. The number of seats is unlimited, and AnyDesk can be inte­grated into your existing work­flow and IT systems with ease. The number of concurrent sessions can be extended for a small fee. And with a custom namespace, you can have full control over how your PCs are named in AnyDesk.

  • Enterprise:

    "AnyDesk Enterprise" has been tailored for the requirements of large corpora­tions. It includes a net­work app­liance solu­tion which can be in­stalled in the DMZ of your company network. The appli­ance guaran­tees abso­lute inde­penden­ce from our AnyDesk network.

Ideal for
Business Use
Pay & Forget

Are yearly recurring costs bugging you? Not with the payment option "Pay & Forget". Get your AnyDesk license with a one-off payment. The license is valid for 6 years. Timely before licence expi­ration, we will in­form you via email, and you will be able to renew your license on favo­rable condi­tions. Hint: Of course you can still use the latest AnyDesk-version with all new features if you choose the "Pay & Forget" payment option.

(free) € 290 € 750 (on request)
FlexPlan (charged yearly)

This yearly subscription plan is the easi­est way to use AnyDesk. Our reaso­nable yearly fee will be withdrawn from your account automatically. The period of can­cellation of one week gives you maximum flexibility.

(free) € 60 € 180 (on request)
Free updates to the latest version
Commercial use
Number of Seats 1 1

The "AnyDesk Lite" license can be extended to support multiple seats at a rate of 20€ per additional seat.

Simultaneous connections

The Professional- and Enterprise-Versions of AnyDesk support multiple simultaneous connec­tions. Incoming and out­going connec­tions are counted seperate­ly. This means that a cus­tomer with an "AnyDesk Professional" license and three simultaneous connections can access up to three remote desk­tops and be con­trolled from three remote PCs at the same time.

1 1 1

An "AnyDesk Professional" license can be used with unlimited seats. However, the basic versoun supports only one simultaneous connection. Additional simultaneous connections can be obtained for 80€ each.


The PowerUser option converts your AnyDesk sessions into "active seats". An active seat can have an unlimited number of sessions to other PCs. This is especially interesting for IT administrators who would like to make changes to a large pool of customer PCs.

200€** ✓***
Transmission of audio and video
File transfer

The AnyDesk-Alias is an easy to remember alternative to the AnyDesk-Number. The alias is chosen by the user and is very similar to an email address (e.g. computer@ad). Users parta­king in the AnyDesk-Beta phase get assigned an alias based on their computer name automati­cally. These aliases do not expire at the end of the beta phase.

Custom namespace

Customers with an "AnyDesk Professional" license or higher can allocate their own name­space (e.g. pc1@MyCompany). This gives custo­mers the free­dom to set up their own system of PC names - regard­less of already exis­ting aliases in our default name­space. The "AnyDesk Enterprise" packet already includes a custom name­space. Owners of the "AnyDesk Pro­fessional" license can obtain their own namespace for a one-time fee.

100 € / 20

One-time fee includes a name­space with 20 slots. Expand your namespace by 20 slots for additional 100 €.

Session logging

Our servers maintain a log of all user sessions (date and time, dura­tion, and attendees), which can be easi­ly inpec­ted via a web appli­cation. This is par­ticularly handy for invoicing services which were offered using AnyDesk.

REST interface

AnyDesk's session log can be inte­grated into the company's IT systems by imple­menting against a straight­forward REST inter­face.

Admin features

All of your company's AnyDesk installa­tions and licenses can be admini­stered con­veniently with a central web appli­cation. AnyDesk's deploy­ment and update process in large Windows net­works is a walk in the park using indi­vidu­ally confi­gurable AnyDesk-MSI packets and the installa­tion via Windows group policies.


Configure your own, individual AnyDesk program file. Youll be able to use your own company logo, or disable incoming or outgoing sessions.

AnyDesk network appliance

* Pay&Forget: 100€ , ** Pay&Forget: 400€ , *** open to negotiation

VAT and local taxes may apply.

All prices are introductory prices.

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Payment Information

You are free to choose among various payment methods. We support direct widthdrawal, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. In every case, your licence code is ready immediately.


We want you to enjoy AnyDesk. Yet, should our software not satisfy your demands entierly, we grant you a 14-day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

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