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We believe in software that enhances the creativity and productivity of its users. That’s why it’s our mission to build a product that enables you to accomplish great things - from wherever in the world you are.

Meet the Team Behind AnyDesk

  • image-employee-schwenk

    Florian Schwenk

    Office Manager

  • image-employee-single

    Matthias Single


  • image-employee-plichta

    Markus Plichta

    Linux Developer

  • image-employee-kahl

    Hardy Kahl

    Android Developer

  • image-employee-allmrodt

    Hagen Allmrodt

    Windows Developer

  • image-employee-gkouma

    Lamprini Gkouma

    macOS Developer

  • image-employee-shestak

    Dmitry Shestak

    Erlang Developer

  • image-employee-jerger

    Manuel Jerger

    Hardware Developer

  • image-employee-jenz

    Frank Jenz

    C++ Library Developer

  • image-employee-alonso

    Maria Alonso

    Sales & Marketing ES/PT

  • image-employee-markovic

    Mark Markovic

    Sales DE/INT

  • image-employee-stichert

    Felix Stichert

    Sales Manager

  • image-employee-liebe

    Olaf Liebe


  • image-employee-weiser

    Philipp Weiser


  • image-employee-maehler

    Andreas Mähler


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