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Spidercam til tidskritiske it-operationer


Enabling to live the moment with reliable camera performance.

About Spidercam
Industry: IT & Technology
Use Case: IoT

Sports fans around the globe know and appreciate the spectacular camera shots produced in stadiums and arenas these days. The breath-taking bird's-eye view images are realized with so-called spidercams® – these are cameras that "fly" over the field or court on Kevlar wires. The company spidercam GmbH, with the same name, is the world leader in this area. Operating in different countries, the company has branches in Germany, Austria, Australia, and the United States. Most spidercam® systems used for sporting events and shows are rentals, and the company also takes care of logistics for the systems.

The Challenge

Reliable camera performance for sporting events

Live events require operational excellence and attention to detail anytime. To ensure highest camera performance anytime during the sporting events, spidercam technicians and support teams can be reached via hotline around the clock.

However, remote support and installation must be done under extreme time pressure and cannot allow any delay during a live event. With the former system, spidercam suffered from performance issues and was unhappy about the cost-inefficiency of the licensing model.

Herbert Neff, CEO of spidercam GmbH

"When problems arise that our crews on location can't fix themselves, we can connect to the systems in question using AnyDesk. Our technicians can then work as if they were right there on the remote computer and can fine tune settings, for example. AnyDesk has shown us that it can rise to the challenge. Performance is noticeably better than our previous solution, and everything runs smoothly."

The Solution

AnyDesk provides a high-performance remote desktop tool

Following a series of intense tests and advice from an external IT consultant, spidercam decided to switch to AnyDesk. The solution convinced them with high performance, speed, and usability: Thanks to the special video codec, AnyDesk has a high refresh rate and low latency, ultimately making it possible to work smoothly on remote computers.

Engineers can respond within 30 minutes to ensure cameras work properly anytime, ultimately providing a smooth live event experience. Furthermore, AnyDesk comes with an attractive licensing model and pricing structure.

The Result

What makes AnyDesk a great solution for Spidercam

  • High performance, fast remote access: High refresh rate and low latency allow for fast access
  • Usability: A lean and simple tool that is easy to use and not overloaded with features
  • Reliability: Efficient, reliable support without any delay
  • Attractive licensing model: Transparent pricing and licensing model

What's Next?

Simply download the full PDF or contact us, if you have questions:

+1 647 946 8937

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