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Basic features for remote working.
For individuals with 1 managed device.

One user, one device.

  • Unlimited devices to connect to (attended)
  • 1 managed device (unattended)
  • 1 licensed user = 1 device to connect from
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Access to Help Center


per month (billed annually)

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Remote Work

Our Essentials license is the ideal solution for digital nomads and self-employed individuals. Work from anywhere and connect to your device at home flexibly and around the clock. Make the world your office and enjoy ultimate flexibility with AnyDesk for Remote Work.

Remote Support

AnyDesk Essentials allows you to connect to an unlimited number of devices from one registered device and is an efficient Remote Support tool for self-employed IT experts and those just starting out. Your business is growing? No worries, AnyDesk allows you to upscale your license when the time comes.

Remote Access

With AnyDesk Essentials, Remote Access becomes a breeze. Our Essentials license is a cost-saving Remote Access solution for individuals with one managed machine. Access unlimited devices from your machine, no matter if it's a classical desktop or mobile device.

Essentials Users Benefit From

Ease of Use

No more cluttered software applications with hidden functionalities. With simplicity at its core, AnyDesk offers all features in one central tool. Our software has a neat and clear user interface making AnyDesk easy to use, even for non-tech-savvy individuals. No matter the use case, AnyDesk is designed to make your life a little bit easier.

Blazing Speed

AnyDesk creates a fluent on-screen experience even in areas with poor internet connectivity. Thanks to our own proprietary codec DeskRT, AnyDesk provides nearly invisible latency and a high refresh rate, regardless the available bandwidth. Our software saves you valuable time to focus on the important things.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

AnyDesk is compatible across all major platforms allowing cross-platform Remote Access from iOS, Android, and classical desktop devices. Transfer files between operating systems and work flexibly from your smartphone while on the go. With regular updates free of charge, we ensure that your AnyDesk version always stays up to date.