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Set Up Unattended Remote Access on Your Devices

Whether you are providing support for a distributed team or need to access your remote device at work, AnyDesk’s unattended remote access software can help.

What Is Unattended Access?

When you need to access a remote computer to provide IT-Support or gain access to your own files while on-the-go, you need secure, unattended remote access software. Unattended access is used to gain secure entry into a remote device when no one is around it. See it in action with an AnyDesk trial.

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Connecting to a remote PC via AnyDesk's unattended access

Why Should You Use Unattended Remote Access?

AnyDesk enables IT support teams to provide unattended technical service at any time. It also helps professionals access their data and files securely while away from their desks. With unattended remote access software, professionals, IT teams, and families with technical support issues can all streamline the way they work with devices.

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Simple & Secure Unattended Remote Connections

Once you have your password set up on your remote devices, you can choose to log in automatically. Simply connect to your remote device and wait for the password dialog to appear. When you check “Login automatically from now on” and enter the correct password, you will not be asked for permission for future connections. The machine will generate a specific token that relates to your AnyDesk client. There is no way to retrieve the password from your device, even if someone has full access to your computer. Now you’re all set!

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Set Up Wake-on-LAN for Sleeping Remote Devices

What if your remote device went to sleep and you need to wake it up without relying on help from others? With AnyDesk’s Wake-on-LAN feature, you can wake sleeping or shut down Windows, macOS, or Linux devices. When you set up this functionality, your devices are always available for access, and you’re also reducing power consumption. It’s a win-win! Ready to learn more about unattended remote access?

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Unattended Remote Access Security & Permissions

AnyDesk has a variety of security features to help ensure that your transactions on remote devices remain secure and safe while you interact with sensitive data and files. When it comes to unattended access, you have the ability to revoke permissions to access your device. You can revoke user permissions by changing your password, which invalidates all current tokens, or you can clear all tokens that are currently validated with permission to access your remote device.

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