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What’s new in AnyDesk 4.0

Pick your custom alias

Aliases are easier to remember than long numbers. That’s why AnyDesk 4.0 lets you pick your own alias (like demo-01@ad). Just select the “Choose Your Alias” option after installation or from the context menu on your AnyDesk ID at any later point in time.


File browser mode

Browse, transfer, rename and delete files with ease on all your remote devices. AnyDesk’s new file browser mode allows you to do all of these things and more. Of course you can still copy and paste files during a remote session.

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Session recording

Whether you are IT professional or end user, record all your AnyDesk sessions for documentation, training purposes or proof-of-work.


Address book on macOS

Organize, share and access all your customer addresses on macOS in no time. The address book synchronizes them across all your devices.


Full unattended access for macOS

Connect to the login screen and switch between user sessions. Install AnyDesk 4.0 to get full unattended access on macOS devices.

Automated updates

At AnyDesk, we work hard to prevent compatibility problems of any kind, but we encourage users to always have the latest version installed to benefit from bug fixes and new features. Updating manually is tedious and annoying - especially if it needs to be done on many PCs. Automatic updates will do the job for you.

Custom client download links

AnyDesk Professional lets you create a customized client file that carries your brand and adapts to your business process. Generate a download link for your website which always provides the latest AnyDesk client including all your customizations.


Terminal server support

Connect into Windows Terminal Server sessions. Use demo-01@ad/johndoe to connect into johndoe’s open user session on the demo-01@ad terminal server with AnyDesk 4.0 installed.

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Automated session locking

Leaving a PC in the office unlocked can lead to funny emails about free beer. But it can also have more severe consequences. With the new auto locking feature, you can be sure nobody is messing with your PC when you close your AnyDesk session.


View the screen of Android devices

Need help with your mobile phone or tablet? AnyDesk now lets you connect to Android devices as well.

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