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Increase productivity and efficiency when working from home

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For many of us, working remotely from home is the new normal. Being efficient and productive can be a real challenge. Having a remote desktop solution that is easy to use, secure, running stable even with low internet connectivity and offers the right set of features makes the difference.

Unattended Access

You can start a remote session from home by allowing unattended access. Just be sure to check the box “login automatically from now on” to connect even more quickly.

Remote Printing

If you need to print a document, simply choose the AnyDesk printer and the print job will be sent to your local PC. You just have to select your local printer.

File Transfer

AnyDesk clipboard allows you to exchange text, screenshots, and more between your remote and your local devices. Or use File Manager for easy management of your files locally.


Use AnyDesk Whiteboard to draw simple instructions and the chat feature to say even more while collaborating during remote connections. Session Recording allows you to record the interaction for future reference.

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