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Screen Sharing Software That Empowers Your Team

Allow trusted users to view your desktop with AnyDesk’s screen sharing software.

What Is Screen Sharing?

Also known as desktop sharing, screen sharing is the process of giving another device permission to access your device with a trusted connection. Screen sharing software has a number of benefits, including helping professionals troubleshoot IT issues with clients or accessing remote files and applications on a work server from anywhere in the world.

When professionals, IT firms, students and families are able to access their remote devices, productivity increases. Whether you’re providing remote support, sharing files on a remote device or helping a loved one set up an email account, AnyDesk has a license for you.

AnyDesk enables users to remote into computers, tablets and mobile devices securely from any device, anywhere in the world. This helps large companies and startups provide better internal service to their employees and ensure exceptional customer service for clients.

Whether you’re an IT professional looking for software to streamline IT tickets or a businessperson that needs access to critical data while on-the-go, AnyDesk solves remote challenges by enabling users to screen share on trusted remote devices securely.

Key Desktop Sharing Features

The best screen sharing software should help you not only connect to remote devices, but also collaborate with colleagues or clients, transfer files securely and access unattended devices. AnyDesk’s powerful software enables users to tap into their own data seamlessly and collaborate with others.

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Ensure Secure Screen Sharing with AnyDesk

When you are screen sharing with a remote device, you need to trust that the connection is secure. Whether you are navigating through your own remote device to find data or helping a client solve an IT issue, security is the most critical aspect of selecting the best solution.

With fast, lag-free performance and RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption, AnyDesk verifies all connections in real-time. AnyDesk employs banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology to protect your devices from unauthorized access. This ensures that you, your clients and even friends and family can rest easy knowing that your data, documents and applications are completely private while screen sharing.

Customizable Security Settings

Not only does AnyDesk prioritize standard security measures, but we also provide many customizable security settings, including two-factor authentication, privacy mode, permissions, device locking and an access control list.

The Best Screen Sharing Software for Any Use Case

Screen sharing helps a variety of people solve different challenges. IT professionals use it to support employees or clients from anywhere in the world. Professionals use it to collaborate with colleagues, transfer files or access data from their Android or iOS device. Whether you need to access hundreds of devices or a single computer, AnyDesk has a solution for you.

Free for Personal & Student Use

With so many schools adopting remote learning options, students are increasingly using screen sharing to access remote computers and collaborate with peers. AnyDesk is proud to offer our software free for personal and student use. No matter if you’re working on a file with a classmate or helping a family member with a password reset, AnyDesk is the best screen sharing software for free and personal use.

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