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Are you a YouTuber or Twitch-streamer?

Join the AnyDesk influencer program and spread the word about AnyDesk!

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Why become an influencer for AnyDesk?

Work with an innovative marketplayer

Become a part of Team AnyDesk. We are a young company that creates an innovative remote desktop access software and with your help, we want to share it with the world.

Everyone is welcome

AnyDesk is a helpful tool for all types of creators. That’s why influencers of all kinds are welcome to represent our innovative remote access tool, no matter if you post about technology or sports.

Get rewarded for your content

Your content is valuable to us, no matter if it’s an honest review or a quick shout-out. We want to reward our ambassadors.

Let us support you

We want to individually advise you and inform you about our software – how does it work? Why is it special? We’re here to help.

Here’s how it works

Fill in the application

Let us know who you and your channel are.

Download the material

You can now download AnyDesk and find out everything about it.

Become an influencer for AnyDesk

We will now determine the details of the sponsorship

Join the AnyDesk influencer program and spread the word about AnyDesk!

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Become an influencer for AnyDesk

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