The history of AnyDesk and FastMD

185MPH + 12MS Latency = Winning Strategy

When seconds matter, latency is key

FastMD Racing utilizes AnyDesk to provide secure and reliable remote access to their data analyst in France. AnyDesk's low latency ensures that the analyst can access data from the LMP3 car in real-time without any latency issues. The data can be quickly and securely transferred between the French-based analyst and the car on the race track. With AnyDesk, FastMD Racing ensures their data analyst is always up-to-date and can make informed decisions quickly. The software's ability to transfer data quickly, securely, and with low latency is essential for any racing team and has proven to be invaluable to FastMD.

FastMD race car with AnyDesk sponsoring
FastMD analysts are evaluating data remotely

AnyDesk and FastMD Racing are joining forces to bring you lightning-fast remote access software. The software solution allows you to access your remote computers securely and quickly, with latency as low as 12ms. This means you can make changes and perform tasks on your remote devices with virtually no lag. Experience the full power of lightning-fast remote access by downloading AnyDesk today.

AnyDesk helps secure the win for us because without data we're dead in the water.

Christopher Brooke - Data Engineer at FastMD

Christopher Brooke

170.000'den fazla Müşteri tarafından güvenilen

Providing the highest performance

Blazing fast

Minimum latency via our own DeskRT codec. Frame rates of 60 fps.


TLS 1.2 security
and 256-bit AES encryption.

AnyDesk Software user interface for Windows client


Download 4 MB. Start App.


Works on Windows, macOS, iOS,
Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi.

Experience Speed

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