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Professional vs. Personal Usage of AnyDesk Remote Desktop

What is Professional Usage?

At AnyDesk we define professional usage as follows: Any use or connection from, to or within a professional environment or network is professional use. While there is a wide range of different use cases that require a license, there are some use cases that are very typical for professional usage:

Remote Support

Providing excellent IT Support for customers and clients is a typical professional use case. Whether offering efficient IT Support, a Help Desk or Mobile Support, Remote Support via AnyDesk solves any IT problem.

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Remote Work

There are more places than a corporate office building to work from. Whether you work from home, on the go, or hybrid, AnyDesk provides a Remote Work Solution that creates the right conditions to be productive and creative.

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Remote Access

Whether you want to manage multiple devices, maintain and monitor computers or control high-performance machines in a business environment, AnyDesk allows IT professionals to access them stably, securely and across all platforms.

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Want to learn more about the Advantages of an AnyDesk License?

Having a License already? Please apply it.

If you are having a license already you will need to link your license to your client. If you are unsure how to do that, visit our Help Center below!

Who can use AnyDesk as a Personal User?

We empower you to help friends and family! AnyDesk offers an easy-to-use Remote Desktop Software including all basic features that is free for personal use. This way, you can help friends and family with technical issues or you can collaborate together on projects – no matter where both sites are! Stay connected with AnyDesk.

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Please understand that in order to continue offering our solution free of charge to personal users, we need to detect professional use through regular monitoring. This is ultimately so we can keep supporting our free users. We aim to keep AnyDesk free for personal users. In order to do so, we need to make sure that users falling under professional use cases purchase a license, as agreed by our terms and conditions.

Wrongly classified as a Professional User?

No problem! If you are a personal user, the usage of AnyDesk will remain free for you. Just fill out our form to get whitelisted!

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