AnyDesk Incident Response 5-2-2024

Following our public statement on 2 February 2024 about a cyber incident at AnyDesk, we can assure you that we immediately took all necessary steps to investigate and mitigate the incident and continue to cooperate with all relevant authorities. All AnyDesk versions obtained from our official sources are safe to use. However, we recommend using the latest versions 7.0.15 and 8.0.8. The forced password reset for our customer portal was done out of an abundance of caution. We have no evidence that any customer data has been exfiltrated. Again, we also have no evidence that any end-user devices have been affected by this incident.

Transparency, company integrity and trust in our products is of paramount importance to us. However, it is the nature of a cyber incident that not all information can be made available at once. Therefore we have set up an FAQ section available at, which will be updated to address our customers' concerns and to correct any false information that may be circulating about the incident.

You can reach us by email at or by phone at +1 727 349 4750

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