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Peter helps his wife's cousin, who is 79 and lives in a long-term facility. Her Android tablet is her lifeline to the outside world. Sometimes, operating the device can confuse her, so she just calls Peter, using Google VOIP, and he connects via AnyDesk to her tablet within seconds.

Peter also helps an old friend who lives in a hospice. He has used AnyDesk to access his friend's PC to grab all of her essays, writings, and pictures which he wants to pass on to her family and to a publisher who will be releasing a book of her essays. Knowing that Peter can access her device in the blink of an eye to help and arrange things has been a great comfort to her.

Steve Timmons, an astronomy enthusiast since childhood, operates telescopes with his friend Casey Good to capture stunning images of the night sky. Using AnyDesk, they manage their equipment in remote location in West Texas from afar.

With IoT-capable systems, they automate operations and upload data to the cloud, producing breathtaking photos of galaxies and nebulae. AnyDesk's performance in remote areas, even with less-than-optimal internet connectivity, proves invaluable to their hobby. Its lightweight design tailored to their needs ensures smooth operation, allowing Timmons to enjoy astronomy fully in retirement.

Encouraged by his daughter, Lisa, John decided to enroll in an online course to learn a new language. Lisa connected with her dad via AnyDesk to help him with the course registration while she was traveling abroad. Despite the distance, Lisa effortlessly guided John through the registration process, as if they were sitting next to each other.

John and Lisa overcame geographical barriers thanks to AnyDesk's reliability and ease of use. Now, Lisa always travels with peace of mind, knowing that she will be able to help her dad with whatever he needs, no matter how far away from home she is.

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