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18 10월


Administration rethought

AnyDesk releases version 7.1, continuing the company's strategy of making Remote Access Solutions appealing to large enterprises.

14 6월


AnyDesk’s Remote Work Report: Nearly 60% would quit if forced back to the office full time

AnyDesk, one of the world's leading providers of remote desktop software, has released a report examining the state of remote work in 2022.

07 4월


AnyDesk announces rapid scale-up: grows to over 200 employees, 100,000 customers and opens Innovation Hub in Georgia

AnyDesk, one of the world's leading providers of remote desktop software, has seen major growth: the firm now has over 200 employees, with more than 60 additional positions expected to be filled soon.

01 3월


AnyDesk launched new channel partner program on March 1st

AnyDesk, a leading provider of remote desktop solutions, launched its new global channel partner program today to strengthen and expand its worldwide partner network.

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미디어 속의 AnyDesk

Smartphone with the Google Play Store


AnyDesk는 플로리다 주 클리어워터(Clearwater)에 미주 사무소를 개설합니다.

Person working with

권위 있는 잡지

성공적인 비즈니스 확장에 대한 AnyDesk CEO인 필립 와이저(Philipp Weiser)와의 인터뷰

Woman viewing a tablet

디지털 CxO

2022 AnyDesk 원격 작업 보고서 및 원격 작업의 지속적인 영향에 대한 검토.

수상 경력

다가오는 이벤트

10월 18~20일


독일 베를린

스마트 컨트리 컨벤션(Smart Country Convention)

공공 부문의 디지털화를 위한 독일의 최대 규모 행사인, 스마트 컨트리 컨벤션(Smart CountryConvention, SCCON) 2022에서 저희를 만나보세요!

11월 1~4일


포르투갈 리스본

웹서밋(Web Summit)

웹서밋(Web Summit) 2022에서 만나 기술 트렌드의 세계에 함께 빠져봅시다!

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