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Unparalleled speed. Platform-independent. Military-grade encryption.

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Your benefits of an AnyDesk license


Use the possibility to adapt AnyDesk quickly and easily to your company needs.


Integrate usage data into your own systems and business processes via the REST-API.

Cloud or On-Premises

Choose between a Cloud or On-Premises solution that fits your needs best.


Benefit from personal tech support from our experienced expert team.


Book your own consulting packages to facilitate onboarding, training and implementation.


Enhance company identity with the Custom Client, including own namespace (user@yourcompany).

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As a customer with a licence, you have many advantages at AnyDesk.

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Setting the benchmark


1. AnyDesk

40 Pts

2. Windows Remote

35 Pts

3. TeamViewer

30 Pts


1. AnyDesk

45 Pts

2. TeamViewer

44 Pts

3. Splashtop

26 Pts

1 Based on Frame Rate, Latency, Bandwidth, Frame Size.

Trusted by over 170,000 customers

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Every operating system, every device

AnyDesk runs native clients on all major platforms.

Serving many use cases

Remote Support

Remote Assistance Software allows you to provide exceptional Remote Support from any location. Whether you offer customer service or technical assistance – you can solve technical issues and provide support easily with AnyDesk’s Remote Desktop.

Remote Access

Remote Access is the ability to access a computer or a network from a distance. Typical use cases are accessing and controlling machines from one central point, working on remote workstations or monitoring confidential processes from anywhere.

Remote Work

Enable your employees to work remotely from wherever they are. With the help of AnyDesk, accessing files and devices is no problem. A variety of features provides services to make your workplace anywhere you need it. AnyDesk works fluently and efficiently, even at low bandwidth.

Get your license today

As a customer with a licence, you have many advantages at AnyDesk.

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Secure by standard

Experience an almost invisible latency even at low bandwith usage. Thanks to the industry leading video-codec DeskRT.

Standardised Protocol Technology

256-bit AES

Transport Encryption

2 -Factor


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