Efficient Teamwork and Collaboration From Anywhere

When everyone is in different places, using the right software is mandatory for efficient teamwork. With AnyDesk it is easy and secure to collaborate with anyone, regardless of distance.

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Efficient Remote Collaboration

Our Remote Desktop Solution offers you the possibility to connect fast and simple with colleagues and their machines. We offer a variety of features for efficient Remote Collaboration, such as Screen Sharing, Whiteboard, File Transfer and many more.

Remote Collaboration

Collaborating, brainstorming, and working together can be tough when you are not in the same place. AnyDesk makes it possible to interact with colleagues and clients – no matter where you are. Share your screen for presentations, brainstorm together by using the Whiteboard, and share files through File Transfer. With AnyDesk, collaboration is possible with a few simple clicks.

Remote Support

When everyone is in a different place, it can be complicated to help colleagues and clients. Whether you are in the office next door or on the other side of the world – troubleshooting via AnyDesk is easy and simple. Solve issues by working together on the same device and communicate through the integrated chat. We offer you a solution with thought-through features so you can provide the best support for clients and colleagues alike.

Secure access

With AnyDesk it is possible to access machines securely. This helps especially when there a large amounts of data people need to access remotely. Employees in different locations can collaborate directly and continuously using AnyDesk. Instead of forwarding data out at great expense, the machine can be accessed securely. This way, the data can be viewed seamlessly from anywhere at any time even with a bad internet connection.

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Efficient Remote Collaboration with AnyDesk

Remote Desktop

With Remote Desktops it’s possible to connect to devices remotely without being around and to use them as if you were right in front of them. Connect easily from anywhere to any device, no matter what operating system is used.

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Interactive Access

Connect with AnyDesk to co-workers from all over the world and work together on documents while communicating via the integrated chat. Troubleshoot any technical issues, no matter where you and your colleagues are located. Teamwork is easier and faster with AnyDesk.

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File Transfer

The AnyDesk software offers you the possibility to share files without any limits. No matter how big your files are or how many files you want to share, AnyDesk’s File Transfer can be used to exchange documents, files, and folders fast, simple and secure.

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Screen Sharing

When collaborating with each other it’s often complicated when everyone is looking at different screens. With AnyDesk you can share your screen seamless and smooth whether you need support, want to present something, or work together on a project.

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In an active remote session, participants can visualise something on the shared screen with the Whiteboard. Write, draw, take notes or highlight parts on the shared screen when brainstorming together. The result can be screenshotted easily afterwards.

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Remote Printing

You need to print something from your remote device? No problem! With AnyDesk you can send print jobs to your local printer, even when the device you are connected to is not around. Your printer has to be set up with your local device and that’s it!

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Every operating system, every device

AnyDesk runs native clients on all major platforms.

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