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A new level of efficiency

Your management console my.anydesk II offers increased user centricity with efficient and fast management options. Keep track of all your users according to their departments and positions and provide them with a personalised AnyDesk experience.

User management

Experience Ultimate user management. Make sure each user gets the level of access that reflects their position in the company. Categorise AnyDesk users within your company into groups and sub-groups and create fitting User Roles.

Permission sets

Assign Permission Sets to specific User Roles. That way, only the information you want to grant access to in my.anydesk II is available to users. This reinforces data security and personalises the my.anydesk II user portal for each employee.

Single Sign-On

Allow your users to automatically sign in via your identity provider. Synchronise User Accounts and User Roles between my.anydesk II and your Active Directory and simplify onboarding and offboarding processes.

Custom Client Generator

Create your own AnyDesk on my.anydesk II. Choose the features that are important to your users and secure the device with customised Session Permission Profiles. AnyDesk is what you make of it.

Session Permission Profiles

Preconfigure Permission Profiles for the AnyDesk Client or activate one or more of the predefined profiles via the Custom Client Generator. Each profile gets a custom password for UnattendedAccess, ensuring secure feature access.

Client options

Users can log into any free client and use it as a temporarily licenced client. All activity will still be listed on my.anydesk II for extra clarity. You can also add security layers to yourbusiness by using Force-Login-Clients.

Boost your IT processes

Peak user centricity

my.anydesk II can be what any specific user needs. Different User Roles result in different Permission Sets. Each user receives their personalised my.anydesk II portal, perfectly adapted to each individual position or department in the company.

Enhanced efficiency

It has never been easier for IT admins to manage and keep track of their users thanks to options like Single Sign-On. In my.anydesk II, users can be assigned to User Groups. The Custom Client allows for the setting-up of Session Permission Profiles and many more Client Options.

Increased security

Clarity creates security. Restrict access using Force-Login-Clients to logged in users only. Customise access to my.anydesk II by using Permission Sets for each User Role. Via the Custom Client Generator, you can restrict Remote Access according to your needs.

Discover all new features and my.anydesk II

Duration: 15 min

Emir, our Product Manager, will give you an introduction to AnyDesk Version 7.1 and my.anydesk II. Discover how you can benefit from the latest updates.

  • Learn how to manage users with Access Control.
  • Discover how to match User Roles to the responsibilities of your departments.
  • Find out more about new log-in options based on individual User Accounts.
  • Learn how the new features are enhancing the security of your business.

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