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Stay in control of your remote session

Security is our priority. Therefore, you can always determine the degree of Remote Access for yourself. Manage permissions by changing them according to your personal use case.

Flexible permission options

Whether you want to choose your own set of Permissions for your Custom Client or determine the main Permissions before accepting a session or during a session – you always stay in control.

Maximum security

You decide on the degree of access you want to grant. To share a presentation, all permissions can be disabled, and users accessing your device cannot use the mouse or the keyboard.


AnyDesk's access permissions are adjustable to every use case – Whether you want to share your screen only or carry out complex administrative tasks. Change permissions to fit your personal needs.

Benefits of AnyDesk permissions

Screen Sharing

Showing your screen without granting full Remote Control? Simply disable all Permissions. If you forgot to disable them before the session, don’t worry – they can also be changed anytime during the session.


Remotely controlling virtual machines used by several employees requires a different set of features. Mouse and keyboard should be available but restarting the device could cause issues. Simply disable all additional permissions.

Remote Support

As an IT service employee, you should have all the Permissions needed for efficient Remote Support. Granting all Permissions means allowing IT to work on the device as if they were sitting in front of it.

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Tutorial: Get started with AnyDesk

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