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Screen Frame – A customizable session indicator

The AnyDesk Screen Frame feature ensures transparency by indicating when a device is being accessed and controlled. An incoming connection becomes visible instantly throughout the entire session.


Enable the Screen Frame feature in the AnyDesk privacy settings and configure your colour, opacity, and width of choice. The Screen Frame is easily customizable and will be visible for all incoming sessions.

Increased privacy

Whenever there is an ongoing remote session to your device, a frame will be visible around your monitor according to your individual configuration. It is a visible indicator that your device is currently being viewed or controlled.

Intuitive use

The Screen Frame intuitively visualises Remote Access to your device, so you don’t have to wonder whether your device is being accessed. You are constantly aware of running connections to your device.

Create trust among your customers

Remote Support

When giving Remote Support to your customers, the Screen Frame feature will indicate to the remote end that their device is being accessed. Your customers are informed at any time that there is an incoming session in progress.

Building trust

Remind your customers to enable the Screen Frame feature in their privacy settings. It makes Remote Access more visible and transparent for them. Your customers will easily detect incoming and ongoing sessions at a glance.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen to give a presentation or to demonstrate something on your device. Allow access to your device and the Screen Frame will indicate that your screen is now being viewed by the user who connected to your device.

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