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Not only do we offer fast and secure Remote Desktop Software, but we also convince you with a 360° product experience in offering existing customers additional services, events and a huge knowledge base you can benefit from.

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Enhancing the customer experience everyday

Do you enjoy working with AnyDesk? Besides the on-going development of our product to make it even better, we delight our existing customers by offering many features and services for them. Discover our collection of helpful resources and enhance your experience even more!

Detailed customer onboarding

As soon as you receive your own licence, we will onboard you with valuable information via email to cater to your needs. This service is available for every customer, regardless of the licence.

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Help Centre

There is an answer to every question! Luckily, we collected them all for you in our Help Centre. If you encounter any issues, you can easily look for answers and tips in the Help Centre.

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Customer Services

Do you need further assistance with a specific topic or do you want to discuss your AnyDesk setup? Benefit from a wide range of customer services to easily and quickly solve your problems, and to discuss solutions.

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“Setup is a simple experience, it was ready to use in seconds. This professional tool is good for both amateur and advanced users. I like it because it can be used for various operating systems.“

Mike H., Marketing Corporative

More personalisation and simplicity

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With our management console my.anydesk we offer the central hub for your personalised AnyDesk experience and provide you with a superior overview of your licence, devices, session history and many more information. See your company structure be reflected in your AnyDesk organisation. Define Permission Profiles and assign them to user roles for a flexible and powerful permission management.

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With our browser application go.AnyDesk Remote Access & Support is brought to a higher level of simplicity. You can connect from one device to another directly from the web without even having AnyDesk installed on your device. Experience the fastest way of remote access for instant support. Of course we serve our superior security standards in this use case as well.

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Setting the benchmark


1. AnyDesk

40 Pts

2. Windows Remote

35 Pts

3. TeamViewer

30 Pts


1. AnyDesk

45 Pts

2. TeamViewer

44 Pts

3. Splashtop

26 Pts

1 Based on Frame Rate, Latency, Bandwidth, Frame Size.

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Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

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working outside with anydesk

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