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Solve all problems of your customers, employees and partners. Offering exceptional service on all platforms and all devices with a maximum compatibility was never easier.

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Our benefits are your strengths

Our benefits are your strengths. Deliver first class support with low latency and high security. Tailored exactly to your and your users’ needs.


High frame rates, low latency and efficient bandwidth usage guarantee smooth Remote Support from anywhere.

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Banking-standard encryption technology provides highest security for you and your users.

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All platforms

Support from any platform and any device for the best support experience.

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For every support situation the right client? No problem with AnyDesk’s Custom Client.

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Superior performance

Experience an almost invisible latency even at low bandwidth usage. Thanks to the industry leading video-codec DeskRT.

refresh rate



100 kb/s

bandwidth use


Automated roll out

Easy and straightforward: With this feature, you can roll out and configure AnyDesk on multiple devices at the same time.

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Headless IT support

No Screen? No problem! Even “headless” devices, such as servers, can be managed and supported remotely with AnyDesk.

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Fast File Transfer

Files and folders can easily be shared with File Transfer. There are no limitations. Share as many files as you want and as often as needed.

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Group Policies

With AnyDesk's Group Policies, you can manage settings for all clients from a central location in a time-saving manner.

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Address Book

Store all your contacts in your Address Book, neatly and safely organised. Use groups and tags to easily find and manage them.

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Unattended Access

Give support to customers, employees and partners even if no one is in front of the remote device. Use a password to get safe access anytime.

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AnyDesk is being used to connect with multiple users comfortably; in this way, we manage the devices that are synchronised with the application and are able to perform support tasks and other necessary tasks. AnyDesk is a great programme that helps to maintain communication.

Ninette, AnyDesk User

Case Study: South Bound Brook

Public school works with fast and secure Remote Support Software

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South Bound Brook Public School

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Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

Learn more about AnyDesk Remote Support Software and find out how easy it is to use.

Bromsgrove School

Case Study: Bromsgrove School

Discover how Bromsgrove School manages Remote Support, worldwide and network-independent.

Holger Friesz, VP Commercial at AnyDesk

The evolution of service desk

Learn about the evolution of Customer Service with a sneak peek into the future on our blog.

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