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Manage your contacts and stay organized

We know how important convenience and organization is for fast and efficient Remote Access. That’s why AnyDesk offers a clear and tailorable Address Book.

Create Address Book

Find all your contacts in one spot. Discover your private Personal Address Book linked to your account and edit it in-client or on my.anydesk II. Or use the Address Books that are shared by your team members.

Manage contacts

Create multiple Address Books to keep an overview and sort all types of contacts into their own dedicated Address Book. Rename and delete Address Books to always stay organized.

Organize contacts

The AnyDesk Address Book offers
multiple functions to organize contacts even further, including tags and
multiple view options.

Perfect for your work

IT administration

As an IT administrator, you can easily organize your contacts. It's important to be able to quickly find them whenever you need to. That's why the Address Book is ideal for IT admins.


Online projects can be confusing and chaotic as it is. Your Remote Access tool shouldn’t complicate them even further. Simply use different tags for different projects in your Address Book and work together more efficiently.


The AnyDesk Address Book is a real time-saver.
No more asking for ID or Alias for every remote connection. Instead, you can find your neatly organized contacts in your Address Book, also when switching between different devices.

Tutorial: Everything about the AnyDesk Address Book

Discover all functionalities of the Address Book

Tutorial: Everything about the AnyDesk Address Book

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Help Center

A detailed instruction of the Address Book including technical details.

AnyDesk Android-Version

Blog: Address Book for Android

Also on Android devices the Address Book is a great support.

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AnyDesk for Collaboration

Lean how AnyDesk can be used for Remote Collaboration in your daily business.

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