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Full set of business features.
Up to 3000 unattended devices included.

Each user up to 3 host devices.

  • Unlimited devices to connect to (attended)
  • Up to 3000 managed devices (unattended)
  • Connect from up to 3 devices per licenced user
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Wake-on-Lan
  • Session recording
  • Advanced security options
  • Customer support


per month and user (billed annually)

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Remote Work

Our Performance licence is a great team solution for small to midsize companies and organisations as well as IT support teams. AnyDesk ensures efficient business continuity in Remote Work environments without your team having to cut back on productivity and performance.

Remote Support

AnyDesk Performance is the ideal licence for IT services of various kinds. It allows users to connect from up to 3 devices per licenced user to an unlimited number of devices. Enhance your IT services by providing your team with a scalable Remote Support solution for efficient IT support across platforms.

Remote Access

With AnyDesk Performance, you can connect to 3000 unattended devices per licenced user. Our Performance licence also includes Wake-on-Lan which enables you to wake up machines in sleep mode via Remote Access. The remote end does not have to be present in case you need to access their device for maintenance.

Performance Users Benefit From

Military-Grade Security

AnyDesk guarantees highest security standards through TLS 1.2 Standardised Protocol Technology to prevent connections from unauthorised access. RSA-2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption is used to verify every connection so your data cannot be decrypted. AnyDesk Performance also provides advanced security options that add additional security layers for its users.

Full Customizability

AnyDesk adapts to the needs of your business. From simple Custom Client settings to advanced configuration options, AnyDesk Performance is a more customisable alternative than AnyDesk Essentials. Our Performance licence creates a consistent brand experience for your business by allowing you to adapt the look of AnyDesk to the corporate design of your brand.

Flexible Scalability

AnyDesk Performance is a multi-user licence with access to all business features. Each user can connect from up to 3 devices, which makes our tool an ideal solution for Remote Support, Remote Work, and Remote Access. We understand that especially small and medium-size teams might grow over time. With scalability at its core, our Performance licence allows you to flexibly add more users as your team increases in size.

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