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Αποκτήστε το AnyDesk για Android

Λήψη τώρα

Android, v5.3.6 (13,8 MB)

Λήψη AnyDesk

Το AnyDesk είναι το ταχύτερο απομακρυσμένο λογισμικό ελέγχου υπολογιστή στον κόσμο. Απομακρυσμένη πρόσβαση και συντήρηση, απευθείας από το smartphone ή το tablet σας.

Version 5.3.6

10 Δεκ 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
Version 5.3.4

5 Δεκ 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
Version 5.3.2

19 Νοε 2019

  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed initial file transfer button visibility.
Version 5.3.0

14 Νοε 2019

  • fiber_newNew features:
    Support for multi-touch events, privacy feature settings, VPN, seeking in seesions player and support for dark mode.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed clipboard file transfer, improved network connection stability, keyboard and dpad navigation, other minor improvements and bugfixes.
Version 5.2.2

9 Σεπ 2019

  • fiber_newNew plugin:
    Added plugin for HTC devices.
Version 5.2.0

22 Αυγ 2019

  • fiber_newNew features:
    Improved speed on some devices, added color is for speed dial items, added online state to discovered items.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed remote image artifacts, issue with incoming connections, other minor improvements and fixes.
Version 5.1.6

6 Αυγ 2019

  • fiber_newNew plugin:
    Added plugin for Savortex devices.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed vulnerability in session playback that could lead to files getting overwritten.
Version 5.1.4

11 Ιουλ 2019

  • bug_reportFixed crashes:
    Fixed crashes due to invalid translations in some languages.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 5.1.2

27 Ιουν 2019

  • bug_reportFixed crashes:
    Fixed several crashes due to invalid format in ukrainian translation and concerning stopping service.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 5.1.0

6 Ιουν 2019

  • fiber_newNew features:
    Unattended access, Kickout feature and improved speed.
  • bug_reportFixed crash and bugs:
    Fixed crash in incoming connections and made minor improvements and fixes.
Version 5.0.2

2 Απρ 2019

  • autorenewRemote control speed:
    Improved remote control speed.
  • fiber_newShowing pointer:
    Showing pointer when remote control is possible and also on pointer move.
  • fiber_newIncoming connections:
    Added default permissions for incoming connections in settings.
  • fiber_newDiscovery settings:
    Added settings for discovery.
  • bug_reportFixed configuration:
    Fixed configuration for interactive access.
  • bug_reportFixed lockups:
    Fixed gesture detection lockups.
  • autorenewImproved stability:
    The stability has been improved.
Version 5.0.0

21 Μαρ 2019

  • autorenewUser interface:
    Improved user interface.
  • fiber_newTutorial:
    Showing a tutorial on first start.
  • fiber_newAuto discovery:
    Auto discovery of other AnyDesk instances in local network.
  • fiber_newFull screen mode:
    Toggle full screen mode.
  • bug_reportFixed OpenGL bug:
    Fixed OpenGL bug that could lead to graphic rendering errors.
  • bug_reportFixed file transfer:
    Fixed crash in file transfer.
  • bug_reportFixed own address card visibility:
    Fixed own address card visibility issue with custom client.
  • bug_reportFixed speed dial items:
    Fixed deleting wrong speed dial items.
Version 4.2.2

9 Ιουλ 2018

  • autorenewImproved stability:
    The stability has been improved.
Version 4.2.0

2 Ιουλ 2018

  • fiber_newAdded SpeedDial Feature:
    Favourites can be set in speed dial.
  • fiber_newAddress filter added:
    Search filter for speed dial.
  • fiber_newAlias now available on Android:
    Custom Alias can be registered once in the settings.
  • fiber_newSpeedDial features enhanced:
    Showing Alias and ID in SpeedDial menu and own address field.
  • bug_reportEnhanced connectivity:
    Fixed error when terminating an incoming connection.
  • bug_reportAudio settings optimized:
    Audio permissions are only requested when this feature is enabled in the settings.
Version 4.1.0

11 Ιουν 2018

  • fiber_newStatus available in the SpeedDial:
    Showing online states of session partner in speed dial.
  • fiber_newAnyDesk now displays online status:
    Showing AnyDesk connection state.
  • bug_reportFixed connection error:
    Fixed pointer position on incoming connections.
  • autorenewLong life:
    Reduced battery drain.
  • bug_reportEnhancements:
    Improved stability.
Version 4.0.4

16 Μαϊ 2018

  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Fixed automatic language selection.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Fixed black screen on some devices.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Improved stability.
Version 4.0.2

9 Μαϊ 2018

  • fiber_newNew Feature:
    Completely exit app when exit via back button when no connection active.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Changing user picture now immediately takes effect.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Improved connection to terminal server.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Improved reconnect on network change.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Fixed keyboard action in password dialog.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Improved double click.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Improved stability.

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