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Discover AnyDesk for macOS

Your Remote Desktop Software for Mac

  • Secure remote connections
  • Super-fast and stable performance
  • Intuitive client setup
  • Cross-compatibility between different operating systems and versions
  • Dark mode included
  • Flexible license model

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Apple Mac with AnyDesk


Designed for Mac

The AnyDesk macOS remote desktop client works seamlessly with any Mac computer running Apple’s latest operating system or older versions. Our range of features is constantly updated.

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Fast download

Small but perfectly formed, the AnyDesk remote desktop for Mac is fast to download and easy to install. It doesn’t require huge parts of your desktop or server storage. MacBook remote control in just a few moments.

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Access and edit data and settings on remote computers or servers easily with AnyDesk’s remote desktop for Mac. Switch between standard and advanced mode: Limit features or just jump into advanced networking with one click.

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Using AnyDesk professionally?

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Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

Discover all you need to know about AnyDesk

Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

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Trusted by over 170,000 customers

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AnyDesk brings high frame rates and low latency, amounting to reliable stability and breath-taking speed. AnyDesk’s proprietary DeskRT codec compresses and transfers image data efficiently without loss of quality and ensures near-instant response times. Data-intensive software runs smoothly thanks to unrivaled bandwidth efficiency.

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Connections with AnyDesk are always secure. Our Solution includes the highest levels of security, featuring TLS 1.2 encryption technology, alongside RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption. AnyDesk is built to keep your data safe. The Ultimate model can easily be set up within your own network to ensure data never leaves your network.

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Remote Support

With AnyDesk you can easily access and edit data and settings on remote computers or servers. Offer Remote Support to your customers, whether connecting to other Mac based systems, or desktops running Windows or Linux. You can count on AnyDesk’s stable operation and cross-compatibility. Our software provides the features and tools you need to connect with desktops or servers in any location.

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