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AnyDesk le permite trabajar en remoto esté donde esté. Puede utilizar AnyDesk cada vez que tenga que acceder a una pantalla remota al otro lado de la oficina o al otro lado del mundo. Simplemente abra el archivo descargado anydesk.dmg, haga doble clic en el icono de AnyDesk y estará listo para empezar.

Version 5.0.1

jul 11, 2019

  • bug_reportFixes:
    Minor bugfixes.
Version 5.0.0

jun 6, 2019

  • fiber_newRedesign:
    New user interface design.
  • bug_reportFixes:
    Minor bugfixes.
Version 4.3.0

oct 12, 2018

  • fiber_newFile manager:
    File Manager now available on macOS.
  • bug_reportScreenshots:
    Screenshots are now stored to the Desktop.
  • bug_reportSpeed Dial items:
    Solved loss of Speed Dial items issue.
Version 4.2.0

jul 13, 2018

  • fiber_newEnhanced Usability:
    Implemented custom context menu for AnyDesk ID (claim alias, show alias/show id, copy address).
  • fiber_newClaim Alias now available:
    Implemented claim alias feature for macOS, users can now choose an alias.
  • autorenewKeyboard Usability:
    During a session, the hotkeys of macOS are disabled locally so they can be transmitted to the remote side.
  • autorenewIncoming file manager session refreshes:
    Folder content was not refreshed on the remote side on copying files. The file manager view now refreshes automatically.
  • bug_reportCompatibility for file manager session:
    Incoming file transfer sessions did not allow to change directory to folders containing a space character.
  • autorenewUsability:
    Select and Copy using Command+C now works on the AnyDesk ID.
  • autorenewKeep session alive:
    AnyDesk now prevents macOS from going to sleep mode when there is an active session.
  • bug_reportRequest elevation improved:
    Fixed an issue in the request elevation feature.
Version 4.1.0

jun 14, 2018

  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    In some cases, the installation did not work at the first attempt. This should now always succeed on the first entry of the admin password.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    The clipoard did not work when connecting to macOS. The clipboard should now work in any case, including clipboard file transfer. Please click the file button at the top of the AnyDesk window in order to receive files from the clipboard on macOS.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Improved stability.
  • bug_reportFixed Bug:
    Removed the warning that the file is downloaded from the internet.
Version 4.0

abr 11, 2018

  • fiber_newAddress Book:
    The macOS version now supports your license’s shared address books.
  • fiber_newSession recording and playback:
    Implemented recording and playback of sessions.
  • fiber_newConnect to the login screen:
    The macOS version also runs as a service and supports connections to the login screen, full unattended access, and user switching.
Version 2.9.7

ene 18, 2018

  • bug_reportCPU Compatibility Fix:
    Fixed a problem that made it impossible for AnyDesk to run on any other CPU than a Core-i
Version 2.9.6

ago 18, 2017

  • bug_reportRemote Reboot Fix:
    Fixed some issues regarding the remote restart.
  • bug_reportAdministrative Access Fixes:
    Fixed some issues regarding the elevation.
Version 2.9.5

jul 31, 2017

  • bug_reportBug fixes:
    Fixed crash when user tried to make a new connection.

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