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Effective Remote Collaboration

With AnyDesk you can not only connect remotely to another person's device, but you can also communicate with the person directly through the integrated Text Chat. Everything you need for collaborating effectively united in one tool.

Seamless Collaboration

With the integrated Text Chat, you can easily communicate with your clients and colleagues without needing another Communication tool. Instead of Calling while the Remote Connection is active, both parties can easily use the chat and communicate fast.

Secure Remote Access

Did you know the Text Chat is available as soon as the Session Request is sent? That way, you can communicate your intentions before gaining Remote Access. Identify yourself and build trust in your client for Secure Remote Access.

Ease of use

The AnyDesk Remote Desktop as well as the Text Chat are easy and intuitive to use. Extensive trainings or onboardings are not necessary. Simply install and setup AnyDesk and you, your customers and colleagues are ready to go.

For any use case

Remote Support

Exceptional Remote Support relies on the right software. AnyDesk's Remote Software is secure and accessible, but also intuitive and easy to use. With the integrated Text Chat you can identify yourself and communicate with the remote side easily.

High security standards

Our Remote Desktop Software brings high security to your connections through RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption and military-grade standards. This way, we protect your Remote Connection from unauthorized access.

Screen Sharing

Easily share your screen with AnyDesk and collaborate through the integrated Text Chat. Whether you need Support, want to present something or work together on a project, the Text Chat can be used for any upcoming questions and necessary communication.

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Tutorial: AnyDesk in a Nutshell

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