• Fix connectivity issue for IOS clients:
    A new paid2 flag has been introduced to support the iOS clients
  • Fix Android cannot connect to Appliance server:
    Some Android devices, mostly Samsung, failed to decrypt data read from backend storage. This prevents the device to successfully connect and establish a connection to the server.
  • Fix REST API get_license call error:
    The REST API get_license call uses HMAC encoding function that is incompatible with the core SSL library being used by the backend.
  • Fix REST API get_sys_info call error:
    The response to the REST API get_sys_info missed a newly introduced field that causes the backend to fail.
  • Fix Address Book feature not working with some AnyDesk client versions.:
    Some AnyDesk clients don't work properly with Address Book feature, such as version 7.1.6 for Windows and version 7.0.0 on macOS. This release fixed that.
  • Fix Android Client hangs when connecting to Appliance server:
    Android clients hang occasionally during connection establishment to Appliance server. This bug has been fixed.
  • Server SSL bug:
    A new SSL version has been updated to be more secured at the Appliance server side. This leads to some SSL functions outdated and not functioning properly. This release updated them.
  • IPv6 initial support:
    This release prepapares steps needed to start supporting IPv6 clients in the future.
  • Bugfixes:
    Several crashes have been fixed, 'Waiting for image' problem that occurred in several customer environments with v2.1.0 has been fixed
  • Session Invitation:
    Added support for feature 'Session Invitation', which was introduced with AnyDesk Version 7.0
  • Other Improvements:
    Updated appliance core components to newer version to improve stability and support newer features, Log rotation configuration now includes appliance-crit.log too, default configuration values have been adjusted to reduce the amount of required disk space especially for larger installations, Functionality to limit new connections per defined time frame has been implemented to reduce the load on the appliance server when there is many clients connecting at once (e. g. after a restart of the appliance), Sessions to invalid destinations are not displayed any longer in the Web UI
  • Bug fixes:
    Wake-on-LAN not working on MacOS, Windows, Linux, Discovery functionality not working properly, 'Online' field always displays value 'Offline' in the Clients Details tab, Date format for CSV-Export cannot be changed, Cannot add new entries to address book

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