Access Control and Whitelisting Devices With AnyDesk

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You decide who can contact you

Don’t want to be found by other AnyDesk users? Simply restrict access to only a handful of selected devices, or one particular Namespace.

Access Control

Thanks to the Access Control List, you can whitelist the devices that are permitted to contact you by simply typing in their ID or alias. Other devices cannot contact you and are blocked immediately.


Using AnyDesk in your company means any other user outside the company shouldn't be able to contact you, or even gain access to sensitive data. Thanks to the Access Control List, your data will always be safe.

Ease of use

Instead of typing in the alias of each client in your company, you can simply whitelist the entire Namespace for your company and ensure that no device outside of your network or your AnyDesk licence can contact you.

AnyDesk facilitates security at work

IT administration

How do you make sure all the clients within your network are safe from unauthorised access? One way is to only allow certain devices to contact each other via the Access Control List. As one of many AnyDesk’s security features, this helps always keeping security standards high.

Work from home

When working from home and connecting to your office computer remotely, you may want to make sure that you are the only one who is able to access it by whitelisting your own remote device. Therefore, no other co-worker can contact or access your workstation.


Whether you want to connect to each other in order to work on documents together together, or whether you want to connect to a PC to access specific software: Access should be restricted to your team of collaborators. Whitelist their ID or alias and shut yourself off from the rest of the world.

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