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Secure and efficient Remote Collaboration

Connect to co-workers from all over the world and work together on documents. Troubleshoot any technical issues, no matter the distance. AnyDesk brings you and your collaboration partners together.

Intuitive Collaboration

It only takes a couple of clicks to connect via AnyDesk. The small file is quickly downloaded and set up. Send a session request or invite your colleagues to access your screen. You will be connected in no time.

Maximum security

You decide how your project partners can access your device. With Interactive Access, you have the full control. No one can access your device without you actively allowing it. You can adjust the session permissions at any time over the Accept Window.

Flexible settings

Collaborating is all about flexibility. Use the on-screen Whiteboard to visually guide project partners through a programme. Switching the direction of Remote Access is a matter of one click. If things are still unclear, you can record the session and view it afterwards.

AnyDesk enables teamwork & Collaboration

Screen Sharing

AnyDesk Interactive Access is the ideal solution to share your Remote Screen quickly and without any latency. This is perfect for software or product demos that require a high frame rate.


Whether you are using one PC together or accessing each other's desktops for Remote Collaboration – teamwork becomes easier and faster with AnyDesk Interactive Access.


Find out where the technical issues are by simply connecting to your client remotely. AnyDesk Interactive Access builds up trust thanks to the session request that needs to be accepted first.

Tutorial: Get started with AnyDesk

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Tutorial: Get started with AnyDesk

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AnyDesk Remote Collaboration

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