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Linux, v6.0.1 (4.1 MB - 5.2 MB)

AnyDeskについてはさらに知りたいならこちら - Linux リモートデスクトップアプリ

AnyDesk は、スムーズでシームレスなリモートアクセスをあらゆるコンピュータで可能にする強力な Linux ベースの接続を提供します。AnyDesk は、個人・リモートサポートを提供するプロフェッショナル組織などすべてのお客様に、簡単な操作と確実なリモート接続ができるように作られています。

Linux デスクトップ用 AnyDesk リモートコントロールは、あらゆる Linux ベースのオペレーティングシステムへの切断のない接続を保証します。Ubuntu ユーザーに最適な AnyDesk の Linux リモートアクセスソリューションは、安定した操作のために構築されており、Windows、Mac、その他の Linux ベースのシステムから Linux のリモートデスクトップにアクセスできます。シンプルで使いやすい設定および管理ツールをお楽しみください。個人ユーザーは無料で AnyDesk をダウンロードできます!

安定性、パフォーマンス、セキュリティ - Linux 用 AnyDesk リモートデスクトップ

高いフレームレート、待ち時間の短縮、最適な帯域幅効率を特徴とする Linux 用 AnyDesk リモートデスクトップは、革新的な DeskRT コーデックを採用し、ほぼ瞬時の応答時間と優れた帯域幅効率ですべてのタスクを実行できます。Linux 用リモートデスクトップマネージャは、あらゆるアプリケーションに最先端のテクノロジーを提供します。

AnyDesk Linux リモートデスクトップは、銀行業界標準の TLS 1.2 暗号化と RSA 2048 非対称鍵交換暗号化により、常に安全な接続を保証します。また、AnyDesk はインターネットに接続せずに Linux リモートアクセスツールの使用を可能にし、あなたのネットワークソリューションを完全にサポートします。

Linux 用に設計

AnyDesk Linux リモートデスクトップは、Ubuntu、Red Hat、openSUSE、Fedora など、さまざまな Linux ディストリビューションと連携します。一般的な Linux バージョンは、32ビットまたは64ビットの他のカスタムシステムでも利用可能です。


Linux 用 AnyDesk リモートデスクトップは、ファイルサイズが小さいため、ダウンロードは高速です。ご使用の Linux ディストリビューションを選んで、パッケージマネージャに従って素早く簡単にインストールすることが可能です。



Version 6.0.1


  • fiber_newCapture settings panel:
    Allows disabling the XDamage extension if you have issues with screen artifacts (warning: may impact performance).
  • autorenewImproved iOS support:
    Support for improved connections to iOS devices.
  • bug_reportFixed deadlock:
    Fixed a potential deadlock at the beginning of a session, resulting in the 'Waiting for Image' message to never disappear.
Version 6.0.0


  • fiber_newTwo-Factor Authentication:
    When enabled, an additional dialog will be shown after authentication by password or token, requesting a time-based one-time password provided by a third device. This feature requires an app supporting TOTP.
  • fiber_newWake-on-Lan:
    When enabled, devices running AnyDesk that are currently in sleep mode can be woken up by other AnyDesk devices in the same local network.
  • autorenewSecurity improvement:
    AnyDesk now supports Perfect Forward Secrecy to strengthen its already strong security for data transfer.
  • autorenewImproved Dark Themes support:
    AnyDesk now supports Dark Themes by defaulting to Adwaita Theme.
  • bug_reportPremium dialog shown even on paid licenses:
    Fixed Open Address Book on Startup feature showing the premium dialog even on paid licenses.
  • bug_reportKeyboard layout on Fedora 31:
    Fixed keyboard layout change on Fedora 31.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of small bugs.
Version 5.5.6


  • bug_reportBugfix:
    Fixed Debian package dependencies to allow installation on Debian Bullseye.
Version 5.5.5


  • fiber_newStart/Stop of session recording:
    It is now possible to start/stop recording during the active session.
  • autorenewDiscovery feature security:
    Significantly improved security of Discovery feature.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed online states. Fixed a deadlock in the frontend.
Version 5.5.4


  • bug_reportBugfix:
    Fixed a bug that might cause 32bit versions to fail.
Version 5.5.3


  • autorenewSecurity hardening:
    Hardened Linux/FreeBSD/RPi via FULL RELRO.
  • bug_reportBugfix:
    Fixed a security vulnerability.
Version 5.5.2


  • fiber_newNew option when session ends:
    Added lock account on session end feature.
  • autorenewUsability improvements:
    Improved minor GUI details. Refactored X11 code to put much less load on X Server. Fixed primary monitor not beeing selected on session start.
  • bug_reportCrash bugfix:
    Fixed privacy/input blocking crashing certain versions of i915 driver.
  • bug_reportMinor bugfixes:
    Several minor bugs have been fixed.
Version 5.5.1


  • fiber_newNew Privacy feature indicator:
    Added Privacy indicator into the statusbar to always reflect the current privacy status.
  • fiber_newNew Privacy feature security settings:
    Added unattended access privileges in the security settings which can override the standard permissions if connected via unattended access.
  • bug_reportMinor bugfixes:
    Several minor bugs have been fixed.
Version 5.5.0


  • fiber_newVPN connection:
    With this mode two PCs can be put into a private network over a secured connection
  • fiber_newAndroid compatibility:
    Added transmission of Android special keys
Version 5.4.1


  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
Version 5.4.0


  • fiber_newNew feature:
    New Privacy feature added.
  • bug_reportWrong keyboard layout:
    Fixed a bug with wrong keyboard layout in some distributions and on some login screens.
  • bug_reportModifier keys:
    Fixed a bug that would release modifier keys after typing one character on certain configurations.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed couple of minor bugs.
Version 5.1.2


  • fiber_newRemote reboot:
    Added remote reboot support.
  • fiber_newCommand line:
    Added more options to the command line interface.
  • bug_reportSearch in filebrowser:
    Fixed searching by typing in the filebrowser.
  • bug_reportAudio device:
    Fixed a bug that prevented from selecting a different audio device.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 5.1.1


  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 5.1.0


  • fiber_newInput blocker:
    Blocks input.
  • fiber_newAuto Discovery:
    Added Settings..
  • autorenewPerformance:
    Performance optimizations using modern SIMD instruction sets.
  • autorenewFixed slow renderings on some machines.:
    Blocks input.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed lots of minor bugs increasing stability, usability and performance.
Version 5.0.0


  • fiber_newFile Transfer:
    GUI implementation for transferring files between clients.
  • fiber_newAuto-discovery:
    Allows other AnyDesk clients to find you.
  • fiber_newTCP Tunnels:
    New TCP Tunneling (or Port-Forwarding) feature has been added.
  • bug_reportBugfixes:
    Fixed lots of old and new bugs increasing stability, usability and performance.
  • autorenewIcons:
    Updated icons.
Version 4.0.1


  • fiber_newBugfix release:
    This version contains various bugfixes.
Version 4.0.0


  • fiber_newAddress Book:
    Added address book to AnyDesk linux.
  • fiber_newSession Comments:
    Allow user to add a note after a session ended.
  • fiber_newSession recording and playback:
    Allow user to record and playback sessions.
  • fiber_newMany small features:
    Added many small features and improvement to features that were already present in the Windows version.
  • bug_reportMany Bugfixes:
    Fixed a lot of special cases that sometimes caused AnyDesk to not work correctly.