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Amedes uses AnyDesk

The amedes Group is a company offering medical diagnostic services for patients, resident physicians and hospitals. amedes employs more than 3,200 people in Germany and Belgium – including over 350 doctors and researchers. As a specialist for the management of medical laboratories, the company works with over 40 hospitals throughout Germany. amedes is one of the biggest companies in this field.

"There were three key points", Johannes Stange continued, explaining the situation at the time. "First, we had to find a unified solution for all of our 60 locations and around 2,500 computers. Second, we had to be sure that support staff couldn't just accidentally connect to the wrong computer by typing a wrong number in the address. And third, data security is key for us. Some of the information shown on-screen during remote control might also be sensitive company data that mustn't leave the company under any circumstances

After an intensive test phase with a number of different products, we finally decided to go with AnyDesk.

"That's why amedes chose AnyDesk Enterprise. This unique solution is capable of realising the entire system within the company network. At no point does the data come into contact with the Internet. AnyDesk impressed the IT and support department at amedes with its unified, simple and above all secure remote control solution.

The managers in charge of product selection performed in-depth market research beforehand and carefully compared several excellent products. Johannes Stange is pleased with the decision: "In the medical sector, trust is everything. AnyDesk Enterprise provides the ideal service here with its fail-safe, reliable and fast remote maintenance software."

amedes has been using AnyDesk Enterprise since the end of 2016 to securely manage all the computers within its autonomous internal network. "The company had grown considerably thanks to a number of acquisitions, making it more and more important for us to find a unified solution for remote maintenance. After an intensive test phase with a number of different products, we finally decided to go with AnyDesk", said Johannes Stange, Head of Desktop Services at amedes

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