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AnyDesk Provides Hands-on Experience With Technology Institute

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Capitol Technology University is a private university located in Laurel, Maryland that specializes in technology education. Undergraduate and graduate programs include the areas of computer science, astronautical engineering, and artificial intelligence. In their unique Space Flight Operations Training Center (SFOTC), students learn to operate satellites in a simulated mission operations environment, working with the same tools and operation concepts that NASA uses to operate their spacecraft.

The Challenge

Virtualization of the Space Flight Operations Training Center

The Space Flight Operations Training Center (SFOTC), operates a fleet of 5 virtual spacecraft in an operation-like environment that needs to be monitored at all times. The students required remote access to the SFOTC infrastructure to perform spacecraft operations 24/7. The solution had to be cross-platform compatible and have a chat feature. It had to be low in latency and able to support 15 to 20 students simultaneously with minimal downtime. The remote experience needed to be as immersive as the workstations on site.

"We pride ourselves in offering a hands-on experience. With AnyDesk, our students can now have the same experience remotely. AnyDesk has never been unavailable. Our students enjoy using AnyDesk just as much as being present on site. It makes their life easier, and it also makes my life easier as a professor."

Marcel Mabson, Professor for Astronautical Engineering and Software Test Engineer

The Solution

24/7 Remote Access and monitoring of virtual satellites

With AnyDesk the students of Capitol Technology University can access workstations from any platform without installation – even from home with their smartphones. "I can remotely watch them collaborate and help if they run into problems", says Professor Mabson. Thanks to its low latency, students feel as if they are at the console on-site. They can connect to the station using File Transfer and the Text Chat and collaborate on virtual space missions. AnyDesk clients are easy to manage thanks to its management console my.anydesk. Sessions are secured with rotating passwords and Two-Factor-Authentication.

The Result


What makes AnyDesk the perfect solution for Capitol Technology University?

Remote Collaboration

Simple teamwork features, no installation needed

Low latency

Immersive Remote Access experience, just like being present on site

Always available

No downtime and an outstanding performance in low-bandwidth areas


Students can connect using any operating system, even via mobile phone

Facts & Figures




Simultaneous users


Availability rate



What's next?

Simply download the full PDF or contact us, if you have questions. We are happy to assist you.

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