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Case Study.

Bromsgrove School

Giving remote support worldwide and network independent

About Bromsgrove School
Industry: Education
Use Case: Remote Support
Web: www.bromsgrove-school.co.uk

Bromsgrove School is an independent boarding school in Worcestershire. It is one of the oldest public schools in England with around 600 staff members and over 1,600 national and international students. As a Senior Network Engineer for the school, Chris Coombes and his seven colleagues in the IT department manage all computers and devices from one central point, no matter where their users are in the world.

The Challenge

Need to manage all devices centrally

The IT department of Bromsgrove School needs to manage all devices from one central point. “We needed a tool to support our users from home, whether they were connected to our network or not.” They required a program that flawlessly runs in the background and is easily and quickly deployed.

Administrative tasks like changing the school's VPN provider need to be possible, even while staff and teachers are scattered across the country, and even world-wide. Their remote desktop software has to adapt to major network changes and still run smoothly.

Chris Coombes, Senior Network Engineer:

"AnyDesk enables us to do things you wouldn’t believe would normally be possible. Our users love how quickly we can help them via remote support. Other solutions do not have the ability to carry out administrative tasks in the same way."

The Solution

AnyDesk is lean, uncomplicated and stable

AnyDesk is their perfect match. “Within only three days, wedeployed AnyDesk to 400 computers.” It works from the minute the PC is turned on and has a network connection. Chris Coombes is especially excited about AnyDesk’s stability. “It handles a network change very well.”

Thanks to the Whitelisting feature, security is never an issue with AnyDesk. Remote access can be restricted to specific domains and devices. Among Bromsgrove School’s staff, the AnyDesk chat window is especially appreciated. “We can leave a message, telling our users that we will take over control of the device and message them again when we’re done.

The Result

What makes AnyDesk a great solution forBromsgrove School?

  • Fast implementation: in only 3 days
  • Highly customizable: A flexible client and a customized Namespace
  • Stable and reliable: Highly adaptive – even to network changes
  • Central IT management: Efficient handling of users and devices

What's Next?

Simply download the full PDF or contact us, if you have questions:

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